Design & Engineering

I’ve been designing and implementing software for over a decade, with clients and collaborators that include Apple, Twitter, and the American Music Awards.

I’m a lifelong learner, maker, and advocate for user-centered design.

In 2014 I joined the design team at Black Pixel; a mobile-focused digital products agency whose software is used by over 100 million people daily. In 2016, I formally transitioned into the engineering group, where a new Web Services Team was created under my lead. In the years that followed, I grew this team from three to more than twenty highly-engaged developers—across a wide variety of projects, platforms, and technologies.

Black Pixel was acquired by Hypergiant in late 2018, where I am presently Director of Web Development.

Offline I play hockey and soccer, collect twentieth-century furniture and objects , and bury myself in side projects that follow themes of design, technology, and making things.